Raymond Hanson

Manager, Captain Nemo Comics


New Times: What are the best-selling comic books these days?

Hanson: Some of the most popular ones are getting out of the mainstream. Comics like Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer are real popular because the TV series can be continued in comic book form. Of the mainstream comics, the best sellers are still the big ones like Batman and Superman.

New Times: In your opinion, who is the greatest superhero of all time?

Hanson: In my opinion, the greatest is the Green Lantern because his powers are based on his own willpower and he has to dig within himself to save the day.

New Times: Who is the greatest villain of all time?

Hanson: The Joker! Not only is he the foil of Batman but he’s the total opposite of a hero. Most villains have something sympathetic about them but he has no redeeming factor and it’s all a big joke to him.

New Times: Do you think the recent movies based on comic books are doing them justice?

Hanson: Yes I do. I think they’re bringing a lot more people into comic books stores like longtime readers who are starting to feel nostalgic again and many people who didn’t know they were this much fun … It kind of helps vindicate the people who have been reading them all these years, that they haven’t been wasting their life.

New Times: What is so great about today’s comics?

Hanson: There’s fantastic writing, great art, and the printing applications have come a long way. Furthermore, there’re characters for everybody, in every role in life. There’re librarians, people working in service stations; it’s a lot more fun for people because they can relate to these characters more now than they ever could.

 New Times: What is the deal for Free Comic Book Day on May 2?

Hanson: Free Comic Book Day has been going on a number of years … It gives people a chance to read some of these great storylines and maybe be introduced to some interesting series-- all for free. At Captain Nemo’s, every customer gets three comic books for free. It’s a great escape to fall into a good story.

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