Shevon Sullivan Owner of Anam Cre' Pottery Studio

570 Higuera Street, San Luis Obispo


NEW TIMES: What inspired you to create a pottery studio?

SULLIVAN: In my 30s, I took some pottery classes as well as becoming an art instructor for an independent charter school. After a few years of instructing, I realized that no one had an art studio at the time, and that’s when I decided to open mine.



NEW TIMES: What does Anam Cre’ provide?

SULLIVAN: We provide an escape to create whatever your heart desires. We have a variety of calming music to help artists to find inspiration and provide an area where friendships can be forged.



NEW TIMES: What is one of the most eccentric or creative pieces you’ve seen in your studio recently?

SULLIVAN: There was a man by the name of Robert Young, who recently passed. He created these beautiful pieces depicting political figures. Some of them include President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George W. Bush.



NEW TIMES: What events do you have planned for the summer?

SULLIVAN: We have two summer camps for children during July and August. We also provide a booth for our students to sell their work at Dinosaur Caves Park in Shell Beach. You can catch our students on the first Sunday of every month, except for July 4: they’ll be out there on Saturday, July 3. ∆


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