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SIP IT Firestone's latest specialty creation, Eleven, is made for sipping.

Ring in the new beer



Firestone Walker brewery is celebrating 11 years in business--and the success of their 10-year-anniversary brew, Ten--with another limited edition beer. This one is called Eleven. The name may be less than original, but the brew promises to be a new experience for beer lovers, as well as wine fans. On Nov. 30, the creation will be unveiled at the Firestone brewery and tasting room in Paso Robles.


# Eleven is a mix of several diverse but high-powered beers, including many of the same components of Ten. But even more than Ten, Eleven is made for sipping. It's deep and savory like a bourbon whiskey, balanced with the sweet malty flavor of beer, but without the bitterness of hops. The whole brew is rounded out with notes of vanilla and coconut, said Brewmaster Matt Brynildson.

Unlike most beers, which are brewed, bottled, and ready to drink--like liquid bread, Brynildson said, best consumed fresh--Eleven is an aged ale, more like a wine. Each of the beers (or barley wines, if you will) are brewed separately in oak barrels for varying lengths of time, and then blended. A Russian imperial stout, for example, is fermented for 18 months, but others are fermented for as little as four months.

Only 500 cases of the special brew will be sold, and if the response to Eleven is anything like Ten's, it will go fast. The brew created a fierce buzz among beer lovers all over the world that resulted in a lucrative second market. A 22-ounce bottle that went for $10 at the local liquor store was reportedly fetching $100 at a restaurant in Las Vegas.

The Firestone Walker brewery is at 1400 Ramada Dr., in Paso Robles. For more information, call 238-2556 or visit the brewery online at

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