SLO city is happy with its double-decker bus



Five weeks after a double-decker bus first hit SLO’s streets, City Council members and staffers say they’re happy with their double-decker bus and they’ve got the stats to justify their purchase.

Though ridership is low midday, the story is apparently different during rush hours. According to a council memorandum titled “Double Deck Bus Operational update,” the mammoth bus has increased ridership on the two routes it runs: Route 4A has had a 22.4 percent increase and Route 5A a 31 percent increase.

In addition, according to the memo, the colossal bus exceeded the 36-seat capacity of the old bus that it replaced on 82 percent of its trips. Four of the big bus’s trips had more than 90 passengers, and one trip boasted more than 107 riders.

Despite undergoing fire for the purchase, City Council members and city staffers point out that the immense bus was bought using money from federal grants and replaces two older, smaller buses.

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