SLO will spend $440,000 on a single public bathroom



The city of San Luis Obispo is going to spend $440,000 to replace a single bathroom in Santa Rosa Park.

The City Council voted unanimously and with no discussion to swap out a bathroom that doesn’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and install a new one. The cost of construction is $285,000. The city will throw in $44,959 for possible overruns—contingencies—and $60,000 for construction management. The toilet will cost $20,000 to design, $10,000 for special inspection and testing, and another $5,000 for construction management contingencies. The city is throwing in another $25,000 ahead of time in the event that bidding comes in higher than expected.

The city has spent large amounts of money to replace crappers before; it shelled out $612,500 to replace two thrones at Laguna Lake. If the new deluxe john is anything like the previous high-class poopers, the walls will be cinderblock with stone veneers and feature such accessories as surface-mounted hand dryers and stainless steel grab bars.

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