Two attacks mar one week



It was the week from hell a week in which the community saw reports of an obsessed ex-boyfriend and an estranged husband stalking and attempting the demise of their former partners.

One of those women survived. One did not.

It all started on Oct. 18 in the 1600 block of Grover Beach's Longbranch Avenue. John Dudley, 41, an ex-boyfriend of Shannon Hallabrin's, barged into her residence sporting a handgun, according to a police report. Shortly before midnight, Dudley allegedly shot Hallabrin three times in the back and fled the scene.

Hallabrin stumbled to the front yard of the condo she shared with her current boyfriend and collapsed. She was able to identify Dudley as her attacker before losing consciousness.

Hallabrin was transported to Arroyo Grande Hospital, where she died from her wounds.

According to the police, Dudley fled from the scene. Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Deputy John Langehennig discovered him walking along Hwy. 1 south of Guadalupe on Oct. 20 at approximately 8 a.m. Dudley was arrested on suspicion of murder, first-degree burglary, and assault with a firearm.

He was booked into San Luis Obispo County jail without bail.

Two days later, a Sacramento man allegedly attempted to murder his estranged wife.

The San Luis Obispo woman, whose name wasn't released, arrived at her apartment around 1:30 a.m. and went upstairs to go to bed. Todd Bouey, brandishing a firearm, attacked her at the top of the stairs, police said.

After a struggle, she managed to free herself, flee from the apartment, and call 911.

Bouey, 42, of Sacramento, surrendered to police officers without a struggle. He told them he had traveled by train to San Luis Obispo to kill his wife after he was served with divorce papers, according to the police.

Bouey was booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail without bail on suspicion of attempted murder, burglary, criminal threats, brandishing a loaded firearm, and armed criminal action.


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