WOW Week 2008 citations jump from 2007



The San Luis Obispo Police Department responded to 373 calls over WOW Week weekend, a 19 percent increase from the 315 reported during the same period a year ago.

A “significant” number of the calls were related to the beginning of the 2008-09 academic year at Cal Poly, police say.

Officers reported heavy party activity early in the week, including two incidents when hosts called police due to uninvited partiers taking over their homes.

Officers made 25 arrests during the Thursday through Sunday period, 16 of which were for alcohol-related offenses, Officers issued 93 citations during the same period, 76 of which for alcohol-related offenses such as minors possessing alcohol or public urination.

Despite the numbers, police said there were no major disturbances and that the majority of students they interacted with were “positive and respectful”.

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