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A 9-cent raise is nothing to celebrate

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I see that San Luis Obispo County is seeking a court order to keep "essential" employees from striking. The county recently gave employees a raise. Mine was a whopping 9 cents per hour. Personally, I would rather not have one. Talk about a slap in the face!

I work for the county at the inpatient unit in mental health. I have had feces and urine thrown on me (many times); been bitten; broke my foot; been hit in the face, which resulted in a broken dental implant—the list goes on. Recently, our lead was punched in the face, which resulted in the loss of a tooth. That was in August, and he still does not have a new tooth. Med Stop, which the county uses for its workers' comp, OK'd him to return to work the next day. His lip and inner mouth were as swollen and injured as could be.

I have seen people leave the unit unable to return to work because their injuries were so serious that they weren't allowed to return! The county brass seems to be concerned about the well-being of their citizens. What about the employees? I could give a list of money the county has spent on frivolous things that are useless or go unused. But I won't. It probably wouldn't go over well with the upper echelon.

"Thank you ever so much for the 9 cents," said no one ever.

Kathleen Welles

Morro Bay


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