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A hundred percent renewable energy for how long?

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There have been opinions written lately about the grid experiencing 100 percent renewable energy but no mention of when or how long this occurred. The grid needs reliable, sustainable energy not just spotty, occasional renewables which cannot fulfill the need for consistency.

Renewable energy is not 100 percent unless it's 100 percent all of the time—24/7. Have you ever stayed up all night with the sun shining? Would you like to live with the wind blowing constantly? Not likely.

Renewables play an important part in the overall need for consistent reliability but are not the total answer. Your gas tank holds so much then needs to be refilled. Your electric vehicle can go so far then needs recharging. The sun shines for so long, the wind blows now and then, but we need electricity 24/7. There's no place to turn on the sun or start the wind to blow.

Ellie Ripley

Arroyo Grande


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