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A lack of females in tech


Editor's note: The following letter to the editor were submitted by middle school students enrolled in a journalism class at Cayucos Elementary School.

Did you know that most females lose interest in math, science, and technology when they hit middle school? As a female teenager, it is hard not to have other females my age participating in anything to do with math and science.

Females of any age should try participating in science and technology. Locally, in San Luis Obispo, you can take classes at Cuesta College, online courses, and a variety of summer camps (EPIC, and you can try SLO High for summer camps).

Knowing how to program can be very beneficial to your future. You can get a good job, have higher paying jobs, and more. As a teenager, our brains are still growing, and it is easier to memorize how to program.

As you can tell, there are many positives in getting involved in math, science, and programming. I hope female teens participate in these activities!

Diana Pruett

13 years old


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