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A letter from Al Fonzi


Editor's note: This letter to the editor is unedited and appears exactly as it was submitted. Typically, when opinion writers cite facts, the editorial team checks those facts through various online resources, fact-checking sites, and news outlets. If a fact or other statement is quoted in a piece set to run in our paper, we expect to be able to find that information in its original source. The number, time period, and types of attacks cited in the original Rhetoric and Reason piece ("They just can't say it," April 25) were not able to be substantiated as written. Based on facts checked through outlets including Newsweek and snopes.com, which analyzed multiple international and U.S. news reports on the church vandalism in France, we were confident in printing that "several" churches had been vandalized in that time period.

In my article that appeared in the 25 April 2019 edition of the New Times, "They Just Can't Say It," I referred to the number of attacks on Christian churches in France in the weeks prior to the fire at Notre Dame Cathedral. The article was edited to read "several churches" had been attacked when in fact, there were 12 Christian churches attacked in France in the two weeks prior to the Notre Dame fire. In the last two years nearly 2000 Christian churches or facilities in France (875 attacks in 2018 and 1045 in 2017 according to the The Sun newspaper in London) have been desecrated or heavily damaged which the French government officially attributes to "militant secular forces." Attacks on Christian churches in France outnumber both attacks on Synagogues and Mosques by nearly two to one: in 2018 there were 541 anti-Semitic attacks, 100 anti-Muslim attacks and 1063 anti-Christian attacks. After the terror attack in Sri Lanka last week which took over 350 lives, ISIS claimed responsibility and declared open war on Christians and Christian churches worldwide. Islamic terror is a major factor in persecution of all non-Muslims globally and it's time the international media wake up and warn the public with straight talk about the threat to the foundations of liberty posed by Islamic Jihadists.

Al Fonzi


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