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A post-vaccinated night out


Last night I ventured out for the first time in more than a year to one of my favorite San Luis Obispo restaurants in the Railroad District.

Fully vaccinated, I felt it was finally safe. I can't express the joy I felt when I walked in and my favorite bartender saw me. When I told him I had been fully vaccinated and he replied the same, we hugged a hug that has long been missed. I think we almost made some other patrons cry tears of joy. And we enjoyed a pizza also long missed. I had almost forgotten how good that food and friendship/socialization is on so many levels.

Thank you, Jeff. Thank you, Marco and family. Thank everyone who got vaccinated so we can start to return to what we miss so much.

I'm looking so forward to experiencing our other wonderful restaurants in this incredible town once again. I'm very much looking forward to not being my own chef.


San Luis Obispo

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