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A word from the editor on the Fremont Theatre

New Times executive editor



New Times doesn’t typically print unsigned, anonymous, or pseudonymous letters. This week, however, I wanted to share one that represented several such comments we received.

R.T.G. wrote: “I was very dismayed to hear about the closure of the Fremont Theatre, since this seems like just the most recent example of Central Coast history and culture to be thrown down the drain. I have many fond memories of the Fremont, be it concerts like Steel Pulse and Yes, the Central Coast Film Festival, or even the old drunken midnight movies they used to screen for all the barhoppers.

“How about the full running slides across the smooth marble sidewalk in the rain (can you make it all the way to the other end without going to the hospital)?

“These are just a few memories of the theater, some of which others may share. Hopefully, with public anger, this decision can be reversed (declare it a historical monument?) and help toward avoiding SLO becoming just another bland, generic, corporate American strip mall town.”

Well, R.T.G. (and others), stop worrying—or at least worry less. The Fremont will be showing movies for some time to come, and you can read more about it in our news briefs that start on page 7.

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