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An apology is needed



I attended the Board of Supervisors meeting on Feb. 7 because of my concern for the vote on the Chumash Marine Sanctuary. I want to thank the board for taking the time to hear the public’s concerns on this matter and especially for their support of the local fishing community. We all want what is best for the environment, and we most assuredly do not want oil drilling off our coast.

Supervisor Adam Hill’s comment that the fishermen were being paid by big oil to be at the meeting to oppose the Chumash marine sanctuary was both disrespectful and extremely unprofessional! How dare he malign these hardworking men and women who risk their lives every day to support their families and provide all of us wild-caught, nutritious fish to enjoy. These fishermen, unlike Supervisor Hill, get no paid sick days or vacations, they do not have a company retirement plan or company paid health care. Some days they may not even catch any fish, but they still have the expenses of that day’s effort not to mention what their time is worth. Adam Hill, you owe the fishermen and their families an apology. Shame on you!

-- Carla Lalley - Los Osos

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