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Animals before people?


 I'm appalled at the treatment our legal system has given Mr. Charles Nurss ("Cat killer pleads no contest," News, April 7-14). He should have been reimbursed for his ammunition, not prosecuted.

It never ceases to amaze me how absurdly people behave when it comes to their relationship with animals. I work in an area where a cat rescue group has a feeding station. They routinely capture, neuter, treat, and then return these vermin to the area where they then keep a supply of food available. These are fat cats! I asked the women who service the station why they don't just kill them when they are first in custody, rather than go through all of this wasted effort. They looked at me in horror and laughed nervously. I was thinking of the irony of the situation, since as we were talking about their concern for unwanted cats they had their backs turned (both physically and emotionally) toward a group of homeless men who sleep in the jumble of concrete culvert pipes not 50 yards from their cat feeder.


J.P. Mills

Paso Robles 

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