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Are you kidding me, Al?

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I've been reading the smooth manipulations of Lt. Col. Fonzi for these past few years and have allowed a lot of his military intelligence to slip past, but it's time to call him out on his slathered-up diatribe about civility.

Al warms us up by throwing a bone about Roseanne and how she might have been under the influence of drugs when she went on her Valerie Jarett tirade. However he wants us to believe the Samantha Bee is much more culpable because she intended to make her remarks about Princess Ivanka.

Do you think we forgot about Ted Nugent calling Hillary a "fuckin' cunt"? For his shaming, he got a trip to the Oval Office. Do you think we forgot about the Trumpettes who wore the "Hillary is a Cunt" T-shirts at most of his campaign events? Do you believe that little Donny Jr.'s tweeting about Hillary's slavery ring was forgotten as well? How about his "adoption" meeting with the Russians that was held in Trump Tower with Jared Kushner and (soon-to-be serving a life sentence) Paul Manafort?

Hillary Clinton spent her entire adult life serving this country, and the Trumps have spent theirs stealing and lying.

Yes, you are correct about one thing; Trump is responsible for the divisiveness and degradation of the human condition in this country; and he plans to continue doing so right up to the time that he is impeached, convicted of treason, and sentenced to exile in Russia where lying, cheating, murdering, and stealing are a way of life.

Larry Schiffer

Paso Robles


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