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Arroyo Grande oil field is a net water producer


Concerned about water supply? Keep the oil field in operation.

What does oil production in San Luis Obispo County have to do with water supply? Well, our one oil field of note—the Arroyo Grande Oil Field—is a net producer of water. Approximately 500,000 gallons of highly purified water are released into Pismo Creek each day. This supply of water is a steady, drought-proof resource that has been reliably flowing for years.

The oil field's water reclamation facility is an example of a locally permitted project that went into operation after thorough review by our county CEQA process. The result is not only a high-quality water supply but well-paying jobs right here on the Central Coast. Twenty men and women along with another 100-plus contractors make their living in support of our county's oil production.

The Arroyo Grande Oil Field is a local source of energy, a reliable supply of fresh water into the Pismo Creek watershed, and raw materials to pave our roads, build our homes, and much more. We would do well to see the Arroyo Grande Oil Field continue into its second century of operations.

Christine Halley

Sentinel Peak Resources, Bakersfield

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