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Be more like me, Bill Denneen




Compliments to New Times for printing the excellent commentary “Reduce our footprints now” (April 14) . Our culture is over consuming its resources. This over consumption will terminate the America culture if not reduced ASAP.

I have made my life very sustainable—more people should follow my example. I heat my house from wood grown on my one acre, my hot water comes from solar panels on my roof, my meat from pigs I raise, milk from my goats, veggies from my garden, fruit from my trees, and electricity from photovoltaics on my roof. I had an electric vehicle for four years. I use my bicycle as much as I drive my polluting car (35MPG). Last evening I went in my hot tub, which was entirely heated by the sun. Life is great—but sustainable. More people must follow my example.

I have sent pictures of my roof, but they were not printed. Newspapers should assign reporters to cover what people like me are doing on sustainable living. Our government should put condom vending machines in all rest rooms (especially high schools). Our government should offer free vasectomies (mine was 40 years ago). I believe I am setting an example—even at 86.

Compliments to Richard Kranzdorf for his excellent, timely commentary. I know corporations make money by selling stuff (crap), but this will terminate us if not stopped ASAP.

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