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Bernie Sanders is a political revolutionary



In his July 30 letter to The Shredder ("Dear Shredder, you're a liberal comrade"), Greg Larson misses the point of Bernie Sanders’ Political Revolution. Bernie has worked his whole life for the people who elected him. Now he is ready to take on all the special interests that keep Washington in a perennial logjam.

His ideas are practical. They will improve the lives of all Americans. A living wage for all. Medicare for all. Free college education for all. Dealing with climate change and preserving our environment.

He is also fighting for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, which has guaranteed corporations and rich white men the power to buy whatever government they choose.

Mr. Larson acts as if Bernie Sanders wants a form of communism. What Bernie wants is a real democracy where every vote counts. Money is the culprit in American politics. Bernie wants publicly funded elections. Real democracy in action.

Bernie has raised more than $15 million from the small donations of more than 500,000 Americans. When Howard Dean accomplished this, both the Republican and Democratic parties killed his campaign in Iowa. He was too dangerous a politician to get through the doors of leadership.

Jeb Bush is poised to raise $2 billion to buy this election. Only 3 percent of Jeb Bush’s fundraising comes from the common man. But Jeb Bush has already raised $100 million from 60 fat cats around the country.

Bernie doesn’t want a Super Pac. He wants the people to get him elected. Then he will be beholden only to them.

Is that socialism, or is that democracy? 

-- Gale McNeeley - Santa Maria

-- Gale McNeeley - Santa Maria

-- Gale McNeeley - Santa Maria

-- Gale McNeeley - Santa Maria

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