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Bernie Sanders supports successful policy solutions



Letter writer Jim Griffin is perhaps too jaded by politics to be able to view the presidential candidacy of Bernie Sanders clearly. I can help.

In a letter to the editor published on Aug. 6 (“It’s time for a third party”), he said that Sanders supports military adventurism. But one must understand that (to take just one example), while Bernie voted against the Iraq war, once we were committed, he felt obligated to support the troops and the veterans coming home. It wasn’t the fault of these young people that their leaders are lying assholes. Once they’re deployed, what is he supposed to do—vote to deny them body armor?

He writes that Sanders’ economic program is “spotty and very general.” This is incredibly incorrect.

Sanders has advocated a return to the 90 percent top tax rate that gave us the wealthiest middle class in the history of the world. He supports a single-payer health-care system, saving us billions while providing health care to all. He advocates for free college education to anyone who can maintain their grades. He has called for a restoration of the Glass–Steagall Act restoring the separation of banks and investment houses and enforcement of the Sherman Act to break up America’s burgeoning and dangerous monopolies. He authored a bill that would invest $1 trillion in rebuilding America’s infrastructure—something that would create millions of new jobs.

These changes are economically revolutionary. They are also common sense, combining a restoration of the historic progressive policies of the United States with an adoption of policies that have created thriving economies in Europe. It is difficult to imagine anything on the progressive wish list that has been left out of his economic program, but if it would work, suggest it to him. Sanders enthusiastically supports successful policy solutions.

-- Sean Shealy - Los Osos

-- Sean Shealy - Los Osos

-- Sean Shealy - Arroyo Grande

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