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Black-hearted New Deal is not green

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The Green New Deal is really a very old deal—socialism that turns into communism and oppression. When inexperienced individuals hear about "free" this and that, their brains shut down and go, "Yes!, I want it." There is no desire to see more and know more about how 1 plus 1 will not add up to 2, but it seems like too many people only care that it is "free." The world they know today will not exist tomorrow. No, it will not. Under the giveaway program, our current world will erode until we are in poverty, starving, and in chaos like Venezuela.

The value of money is the trust between the government and the people. When you take the kind of money required to fund these programs, all of that trust will degrade as you steal your citizens blind to create massive giveaways to secure the receiver's vote.

Wake up, SLO County, and say no to all of the free giveaways planned, and say yes to being responsible and embrace your family because, with family, you can have a safety net instead of being on your knees to an oppressive government. "Free" means bondage, not freedom.

Laura Mordaunt

San Luis Obispo


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