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Both parties use children to get votes

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The article "Weaponizing children" (March 16) was fine until the end, when the author basically accused Democrats of using children as weapons in order to get votes. This is true for both parties, including Republicans! I have seen news footage of demonstrations by Republicans or conservatives where their children were present and they were carrying signs.

So the author, as is typical of Republicans, blames the other party for what some or most people would consider wrong or inappropriate behavior, when in reality, members of both parties engage in the behavior. As a parent of four grown children and a Democrat, I never, never considered taking my children to a protest, demonstration, or anything similar, let alone giving them a sign to carry. Bad behavior is bad behavior, whether you are a Democrat, liberal, Republican, or conservative.

It's a shame the author is so narrow-minded that he can't see this and instead spews out garbage rhetoric. I hope New Times prints a letter that responds to this wild accusation.

John Sutter

San Luis Obispo


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