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Boycotting corporations


I applaud Russel Hodin for making the connection between economic activity and the disinformation campaigns plaguing our country—and hinting at how an economic boycott could be effective.

His latest drawing (Feb. 3) alludes to Neil Young refusing to sell his music through Spotify because Joe Rogan's podcast spews COVID-19 disinformation. I would be happy to join Neil's boycott if I could. Unfortunately, all my Delightful Doggerel is available for free on YouTube, so I need another way to participate.

Hodin's panel on Jan. 6 shows the violent insurrection at the Capitol in full fury, the sky emblazoned with corporate logos. He draws attention to the fact that numerous corporations continue to finance the campaigns of the "Sedition Caucus," and thereby help spread disinformation regarding the 2020 election.

And so my question to New Times readers: Can I join an organized boycott of these corporations? That way I could be like Neil: Have a positive impact by not doing business with people who are using disinformation to spread disease and destroy democracy.

Moe McEwen

Morro Bay

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