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Bring back real democracy


What about an Equal Rights Amendment for women? Well, the whole concept seems almost passé today after a big effort in the 1970s failed.

One of the obstacles to a 21st century Equal Rights Amendment is that men, especially those in positions of financial and political power, seem to be slipping backward. They like women as servants, not as equals or superiors.

But there is an even bigger obstacle. The Constitution, with all its guarantees of democratic equality, is basically only so much paper today. There are huge swaths of foundational language that have been trashed by presidents, congresses, and the courts. Today, our pretend Constitution effectively allows any political thug to do whatever he can get away with.

And you, Ms. America, don't give a damn.

Besides, how are you going to get equal pay or equal power in today's speedily declining America? Remember when Rome went from a democracy to a monarchy? That didn't help women. Rome's emperors forevermore were men.

Ladies, if you want real power, you must bring back real democracy.

Kimball Shinkoskey

Woods Cross, Utah

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