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Broke California is wasting money on busts




It has been 15 years, and law enforcement still thinks the medical marijuana laws are confusing. As long as marijuana is not taxed and regulated like booze and tobacco, this is going to happen. Law enforcement has to do this to prop up their belief in reefer madness. They will always look for a way to trip up those dope-smoking hippies and throw them in jail. It is interesting that law enforcement doesn’t get paid extra for going after murderers and rapists, but they do get federal dollars for targeting marijuana. This current bust (“The road ahead is filled with potholes,” Jan. 27) cost about a million taxpayer dollars. I would have rather seen this money going to schools.

When my wife had cancer, marijuana sure helped her through the rough times. I wonder what those involved in the bust will do when one of their loved ones needs medical marijuana.

When marijuana is regulated like booze and the laws are well defined, this will end, but until then some cop will be spending taxpayer money trying to find ways around Proposition 215 and SB 420. Our state is broke; we can’t continue to waste money this way. Does anybody feel any safer since this bust went down?

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