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Cal Poly employees deserve a reasonable raise


Why is it that universities brag about being engines of social mobility for their students, but not for their employees? It is, in fact, faculty and staff who make educational opportunities possible. Yet, according to salary data, the average faculty member earns less than one-quarter of Cal Poly President Jeffery Armstrong's $430,000 annual salary (that does not include his housing allowance or benefits, by the way).

On Oct. 5, the California Public Employee Relations Board certified that contract negotiations between the California State University (CSU) system and the California Faculty Association were at an impasse, mostly after the CSU refused the reasonable offer of a 4 percent salary increase for faculty. In SLO County, that equates to about one month of rent for most faculty. The CSU negotiators determined that was unreasonable. However, on Sept. 15, the CSU board of trustees voted to raise the salaries of CSU presidents (many of whom already make more than President Joe Biden) by 10 percent! The CSU board of trustees could end the impasse by agreeing to a reasonable raise for faculty on Nov. 9. I encourage them to do so.

R.G. Cravens

Grover Beach

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