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Cannabis is a safe, effective medicine




I have to respond to Glen Zenda and his anti-medical-marijuana rant (“What makes Lynch so special?” June 3). What the hell would he do if someone he loves suffers great pain for days upon days while vomiting? He should count his lucky stars! As far as his accusation that dispensaries make a shit load of money selling weed; how about $30 for an anti-vomit pill that doesn’t do jack? Talk about a profit: Look at big pharma, those are the people who are sticking it to us.

It is good that medical marijuana is emerging from the back alley to the store front. Marijuana has been a medicine for more than 5,000 years and no one has ever overdosed from it. Look at all the side affects on the pills big pharma pushes on us. Marijuana is by far one of the safest medicines.


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