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Cannabis unenforced


Cannabis enforcement in California Valley is a joke. Nice article you had touting how they had busted up six whole grows—out of hundreds!

It was irresponsible of the county to let all these people come invest out here to grow marijuana, just to do this half-hearted effort at eliminating it. Either allow it, or get rid of it, but right now all that's happening is a few people are losing everything, their dogs often abandoned out here in the valley, and new grows are popping up all the time. They're not making any dent in the marijuana growing or crime out here, just harassing a few people. Again, either allow it and keep it under control, or make a real effort to put a stop to it. Playing around is just going to keep hurting people and falsely making them think they won't be the next targets of law enforcement. Too bad I know the growers who invested everything out here won't be reimbursed in the slightest. Most of them were lied to. I also doubt the situation will change anytime soon.

Daniel George

California Valley

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