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Change Oceano




Obama and his administration believe there’s great hope for change, positive change, that will enhance our country. Why are people afraid of change? Because it is unknown and most people fear the unknown.

Similarly, San Luis Obispo County has embraced change within the Board of Supervisors, creating a greener and greater environmentally conscious outlook. It is refreshing to see new faces that have hope and passion.
I have great hope that the future of Oceano will encompass change. The growth and prosperity of the community of Oceano have been thwarted. The beaches and dunes have been damaged and mistreated. Our community deserves a safe and peaceful place to live, work, and raise children. This vision is possible within the near future. The degradation of Oceano’s streets, beaches, and dunes is, in large part, due to the permissive and uncontrolled activity that overcomes this area on a ritualistic basis. I would like to have pride in my community, serene beaches on which to lie and read, wind-touched dunes in which to gander in awe and hike in the peacefulness of the sounds of the ocean. This dream will come about with a few overdue changes: Remove the vehicles from the beach and dunes. The rest will follow.

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