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Clean water is a bigger deal than 
utility boxes



Thank you, Shredder, for your fantastic piece on Feb. 12 (“Whitewash”). That happens to be my favorite utility box. Why? Because I love riding a bicycle, I love coffee, I love cute animals (especially when they are riding bicycles), and I think a touch of whimsy on a drab utility box is delightful. I can’t imagine what the Complainer and the Mayor find offensive.

I’ll tell you what I find offensive: People in the apartment complex where I live hosing down their cars in the parking lot during a severe drought, during record-breaking temps (80 degrees plus in mid February?!), in the midst of undeniable climate change. How about Hummers and SUVs?

People who are narcissistic don’t care about global warming. These are the folks who keep having babies, who use disposable diapers and disposable wipes and disposable everything. SLO proclaims washing cars illegal—how many people are listening? Not where I live. Another of my neighbors throws buckets of clean water on her walkway every day.

I think the Mayor and the Complainer should be worried about more dire issues than a utility box, like having clean water to drink, perhaps?

Seeing as they have so much time on their hands, maybe they can help me clean up the creek on Orcutt choked with plastic, Styrofoam, and disposable diapers? I’m not waiting until Earth Day. I do this every day. What are the Complainer and the Mayor doing?

-- Alyssa Rose - San Luis Obispo

-- Alyssa Rose - San Luis Obispo

-- Alyssa Rose - happy and carfree!

-- Alyssa Rose - happy and carfree!

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