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Clear the beach




If you fume because someone smokes near a playground, then I can explode into an atomic mushroom cloud because hundreds of thousands of vehicles drive every year on the Oceano Beach and dunes, poisoning my children and the drivers’ children with carbon-dioxide emissions. Smoking is a nasty habit but off-roading is a murderous activity, even though they call it recreation. And if Assemblyman Blakeslee wants a national day for Tibet (“Not Red, bill is dead,” March 19) I want a national day for the snowy plover, the steelhead trout, and the goby fish: endangered species being driven to extinction by such murderous activity. The fumers and Asssemblyman Blakeslee demonstrate hypocritical behavior. The latter diverts our attention away from the mess in our own yard by pointing at a mess in someone’s yard thousand of miles away. The former wastes passion over a detail, when the whole story doesn’t make any sense at all.

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