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Compton can't be serious



Lynn Compton has been running for SLO County District 4 Supervisor for at least seven months now. One would think she’d make some effort during this time to learn the job.

Before the June primary, her platform was reduction of taxes and regulations on small businesses “to keep jobs from leaving the county.” In my 20-plus years of attending the meetings of the SLO Board of Supervisors, I must have missed the one in which they discussed raising taxes on or regulating small business. I thought that was a state or city council function.

Recently, I noticed other large placards where she claims to “care” and will preserve Proposition 13, saving it from “them,” implying her opponent, Caren Ray, is one of “them.” First, a robo call from Supervisor Ray, in answer to the billboards, responded by reaffirming her own continued support for Proposition 13, but, most importantly, candidate Compton doesn’t have a clue that Proposition 13 is a state law that, to be changed, needs to arise in the state Legislature and, as a state tax, needs to be confirmed by the state’s voters, and that  the county Board of Supervisors, doesn’t have a thing to do with “saving” or “dumping” Proposition 13.

My conclusion is that candidate Compton has no idea of the duties of the office she covets, or, if she does, she has no moral compass and is just making stuff up to frighten the voters who have less info than she does into voting for her.

Either way, I intend to vote to elect Supervisor Ray, who is both experienced and effective, and has also proven herself smart, accessible, responsive, and ethical, and I suggest those of you in SLO County District 4 do, as well.

-- Istar Holliday - Arroyo Grande

-- Istar Holliday - Arroyo Grande

-- Istar Holliday - Arroyo Grande

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