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Cost of resistance

Democrats are really to blame for the border crisis



I decided to go to the Lights for Liberty SLO rally on Saturday, July 13, to see what it was all about. Although I'm a steadfast President Trump supporter, I like to hear what the left is offering in the way of solutions to the border crisis and associated challenges. Unfortunately, I only heard about the crisis (which finally the left acknowledges) and virtually nothing in the way of a solution.

The sense I took from both the speeches and the carried signs is that President Trump is responsible for the crisis or in some way has the power, unilaterally, to solve it. Actually, neither of these is true. Unfortunately, the left, with its commitment to resist President Trump at every turn, no longer cares about facts and instead focuses almost entirely on feelings.

How can one not admit that the problems at the southern border existed before Trump was president? But from the speeches and banners it seemed they were holding him responsible. Everyone seems to have forgotten that it was President Obama who was called the Deporter-in-Chief.

Also, if anyone on the left was paying attention, the Trump administration has been warning of an impending crisis at our border for at least 18 months. But it wasn't until last week that Congress finally gave the administration the money they asked for to improve the facilities and to provide appropriate supplies and care for the more than 100,000 folks who are coming across our border each month. But at Saturday's rally, the administration was criticized for not making the necessary improvements quickly enough now that they have the money. Really? What exactly could any department do with more than $4.6 billion in just seven days?

The solution to this crisis does not rest with President Trump, for he is doing all that he can to address it while the Democrats in Congress resist at every turn. As children and families are encouraged by the left to leave their countries on this perilous journey during which many are robbed, raped, and even murdered, Democrats in Congress resist changing the immigration laws.

When these poor, tired folks are encouraged by the left to cross the border illegally and then die from exposure in the desert or at the Rio Grande, Democrats in Congress resist changing our asylum laws. And in the more than 18 months of alarms being sounded about the impending crisis at our border, the Democrats in Congress resisted (until last week) approving the funds needed to avert the humanitarian crisis highlighted during the recent rally.

So although no one on the left seems to be willing to acknowledge that these problems started long before President Trump was elected, they were allowed to grow unchecked during the past 2 1/2 years while alarm bells kept ringing. The solution lies with the Democrats in Congress who, through their strategy of resistance, are willing to let poor, struggling families and children suffer and die rather than capitulate and help our president solve these horrific problems. Preventing President Trump from getting a win seems more important to the left than the lives of these unfortunate migrants.

Needless to say, of the hundreds of signs that passed me as the march proceeded into town, I didn't see a single one that said anything like, "Let's Help President Trump Solve the Border Crisis." That spoke volumes to me about what's really going on while putting Trump derangement syndrome on full display. Δ

Gary Wechter is a retired businessman and avid and civilized President Trump supporter, who expresses his disdain using words not deeds. You may contact him directly at [email protected]. You can also write a letter for publication and email it to [email protected].

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