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Current candidates should focus on preventing World War III

Morro Bay



During this election year of 2012, I wonder if the Republican candidates or our President Obama know about the threat of nuclear war when it comes to Israel’s protection? I will not stand for nuclear war to happen, because of the peace stand I have as a Christian.

There is one song from Sheila Walsh’s Don’t Hide Your Heart (Sparrow Records, 1985) that I have at home in my collection of CCM, Contemporary Christian Music, and the song is called “Under The Gun.”

The United States should not back down when it comes to sanctions to Iran, if the consequences are true. Preventing World War III from ever happening should be the focus on this election year, and let peace prevail over warfare (Isaiah 2:4).

-- Scott C. Presnal - Morro Bay

-- Scott C. Presnal - Morro Bay

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