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Dana Reserve housing development

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I am very much opposed to the development proposed in Nipomo ("Develop and conserve," Feb. 17). I usually exit Highway 101 at Willow Road to avoid the traffic on Tefft Street. If this development goes through, the traffic at this intersection will increase dramatically. I also am appalled that the developer will be removing 3,400 mature oaks on the property. Not only do they help keep the air clean but they act as a wind block, which in turn helps control the dust in our air. We have very strong winds a lot of the time and definitely need this windbreak. When Trilogy was put in, the trees were removed and now the residents complain about the wind and dust (could you learn from this?). Even if the developer replants trees, it'll be years before they are mature.

Lastly, the addition of more than 1,200 households to our community will put stress on an already taxed water supply. Our water is already being rationed, and our rates are high. We cannot make more rain or water, so we need to control our growth. Lastly, one of the attractions of Nipomo is the availability of homes with property around them. We are after all still a rural community, and I feel a tight, compact development is out of synch with the nature of our community.

I would recommend a much downsized project preserving most of the oaks and water we need.

Danna Weidner



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