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Dawn Ortiz-Legg will deliver results for Central Coast



As an entrepreneur and business coach helping people accomplish their objectives and serve their communities, I focus on what will be most effective in getting positive results. From this pragmatic perspective, Dawn Ortiz-Legg will do the best job for all of us on the Central Coast—Democrats, Republicans, and independents alike. Here’s why.

First, in order to get things done, a member of the Assembly needs to be positioned to be effective. With the governor and both houses of the state Legislature presenting a clear Democratic majority, our representative needs to be on that team. This will be essential for securing favorable consideration in state programs to aid our efforts on water resources, transportation needs, desirable jobs, education, and social services. We also need someone who will ensure that unwanted state actions don’t overburden or undermine our communities. A vote for Dawn’s Republican opponent would be giving away much needed leverage to get what our communities need.

Second, Dawn has the professionalism, personal relationship skills, and passion to use the leverage successfully. I have personally seen Dawn in action delivering results since 1995. She has worked with diverse segments of communities throughout the Central Coast to create good-paying jobs just when our economy needed them the most. She listens thoughtfully to people and finds solutions that make our communities stronger. Finally, she has the passion needed to get things done. I hope you will join us in voting for Dawn Ortiz-Legg.

-- Don Maruska - Los Osos

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