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Deadlocks have a purpose

San Luis Obispo



After recently and continually hearing from the president about how we have a do-nothing Congress, and if he could bypass Congress to get things done, such as his “jobs act,” I was inspired to go back and read Hayek. In 1944, he wrote “... the position which precedes the suppression of democratic institutions and the creation of a totalitarian regime. In this stage it is the general demand for quick and determined government action that is the dominating element in the situation, dissatisfaction with the slow and cumbersome course of democratic procedure, which makes action for action’s sake the goal. It is then the man or the party who seems strong and resolute enough ‘to get things done’ who exercises the greatest appeal. ... It is here that the new type of party, organized on military lines, comes in.”

Sometimes, a deadlock in the Congress should show the American people that the system the Founders set up is working properly in preventing any rash ideas being made law.

-- Greg Larson - San Luis Obispo

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