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Dear Adam Schiff and all Democrats


Sir, on more than one occasion you stated you had proof the president had colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election. Either you have the proof or you lied. Which is it? Show us the proof. You shift with the wind looking for any case you might manufacture against him. What have you done for the last three years other than draw a fat salary for spreading lies and leaks to the press? Let's compare your record to what the president has done. Unemployment at record lows and a smoking economy. Stocks at record highs. A much better trade agreement with Mexico and Canada. Confronting China with its unbalanced and unfair trade tactics. Talking with North Korea about nukes. Demanding NATO members pay their share rather than rely on U.S. taxpayers to pick up the cost. Tax cuts.

Now let's list your accomplishments, Adam Schiff, "I have proof Trump colluded with the Russians." Then there was the "I have proof Trump colluded with the Russians." Then there was, wait, there's nothing to list, is there? Other than draw your bloated salary, you have done absolutely nothing for America have you, Mr. Schiff?

That question is for all Democrats. What have you done for the country? When the president says you are on a witch-hunt, he is right on point. The majority of citizens don't want him impeached and are tired of your childish rants. This entire circus is playing out because you know you can't beat him in an election with your "done nothing" record. So you try to sneak in the back door of the White House with an illegitimate impeachment. Your circus and its lead clown Adam Schiff are going to pay the price in 2020.

Ellis Romero

Santa Maria

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