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Dear Cayucos residents, I'm voting 'no' on Measure C-16



Ballot Measure C-16 is on the June 7 ballot. If approved, Measure C-16 raises your special tax again for the Cayucos Fire Protection District. Measure C-16 states that the rate will be $125 per unit or $500 per household, and the sample ballot also states that this tax can be raised each year based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for the year. Over the last 10 years the CPI has had an average increase of more than 4 percent per year. This is quite an increase for those in the community who are on fixed incomes.

The information supplied in the sample ballot and informational mailing from the Cayucos Fire Fighters Association indicates that the community needs to approve Measure C-16 or the Fire District will be forced to dissolve. Thus, indicating that there is only one option; and that is not the case.

Why is it that the rest of San Luis Obispo County has fire protection through the SLO County Fire Department funded through the general fund? The rest of the county has the same Type 1 Engines and the same two-person staffing that the Cayucos Firefighters Association is asking us to pay for and yet, to my knowledge, the rest of the county is not assessed a special tax of $500 for fire protection.

Should ballot Measure C-16 not be approved, why wouldn’t the county provide the community of Cayucos the same fire protection that they are providing the rest of the county? If the current fire district dissolves, the fire station, fire equipment, and our current tax assessment would be turned over to the county. As the county accepts the equipment and the funding, they would need to use those resources to provide fire protection for Cayucos.

The citizens of Cayucos are only hearing one side of this issue. Please come to the town hall meeting Thursday, May 26, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Cayucos Elementary School gymnasium to hear more about this issue and other options from San Luis Obispo County staff.

-- Steve Beightler - Cayucos

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