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Dear Shredder: What housing trap?


I disagree that there is a "housing trap" as you stated in last week's Shredder. Unfortunately, there is a problem, but it isn't one that the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors can remedy no matter how much money they throw into it. The market is driven by supply and demand, and as long as people come here and love it, they will pay to live here. When someone can't afford to live in a place because of the cost, they should move.

The cost of living along the coast of California is expensive, and no doubt it is a wonderful place to live. Certainly this is not the only place in California where this is happening. Why would someone come here knowing they can't afford it? Many people have scrimped and saved to live where they want to live. Why do you knock these people? Would you ever believe that someone would work hard and save their money to get what they want? That seems to be a concept that many do not understand or practice these days.

The Board of Supervisors should be voting for things that affect and help many people not just a few or just vote no on everything and save my money for a rainy day. Δ

Karen Low


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