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Dear supervisors,



I am a lifelong resident of the Paso area, a vineyard manager, and a new home owner in the Jardine area. I attended the board meeting on July 9 in support for Pro Groundwater Equity, my community, and myself, for I too am an overlier on the Paso Water Basin. I hope now you have a better understanding of the crisis facing the people who depend on the Paso Groundwater Basin for their water.

I disagree with a few of the speakers who represented other groups or other interests. They seem to believe that dry wells and rapid decline of water levels are just isolated incidents. That point of view reminded me of what a well-known winemaker once said: “We have to be careful not to believe in our own BS.”

I believe that vineyards and rural residents can live and share together. As a farmer, I know most farmers are frugal with their resources and care about their neighbors. Unfortunately, there are others who want what they want without any regard for others. It is easy to travel around the basin and see many abuses of water.

Water is our precious resource. Supervisors, this is where you come in. We are asking for your help to make expedient steps toward preserving and protecting our water in the Paso Groundwater Basin for all who live there. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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