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DeCicco coverage appreciated




Thanks to Colin Rigley for his article on the DeCicco project in Cayucos (“DeCicco fights a two-front battle,” Oct. 15). I found the reporting to be objective, as responsible journalism should be. This is in contrast to the KSBY report by Stacy Daniel posted Oct. 9 on the KSBY web page. In her story, DeCicco has an “American dream” that has been frustrated by anti-growth activists. I feel this article was not “Balanced News You Can Trust” as KSBY claims on their web site (shades of FOX News!). Compare the two reports and see what I mean.


I would also like to point out that this project, as proposed, was rejected by the previous board of supervisors’ own planning commission, whose decision was appealed by DeCicco to that old board and approved by a 3 to 2 vote despite the request of the community to scale it back.   


To learn more visit the website of the Concerned Citizens of Cayucos, cayucosproject.com. Thanks again, Colin.

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