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Design had its day in court


The most glaring omission in your intelligent design article is the lack of any mention of the Kitzmiller decision two days before you published. Design had its day in court and lost.

A federal judge struck down the Dover, Penn., school district's attempt to include intelligent design in the science curriculum. He found that it was not science, but a thin excuse to get creationism into public schools, and therefore unconstitutional.

The citizens of Dover also voted out the entire school board last month for attempting this stunt as well.

I'm always leery when someone says, “Teach the controversy!� First, there is no real scientific controversy. Evolution is confirmed by tons of evidence and is a hot topic of research. Design isn't.

Second, if this was a scientific controversy, the proper place to hash things out is the scientific journals, the lab, and the field, not the classroom. Unfortunately the design movement is more concerned about

PR than evidence.

Third, I've invariably found that “teaching the flaws of evolution� really means “teach misinformation about evolution.� How much connection do the mechanisms of evolution have to shaking a box of watch parts? None.

Design is little more than 18th century theology dressed in scientific jargon.

Seth Kroger - San Luis Obispo

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