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Disarming the nation would be a mistake

Grover Beach



What happens historically when a government attempts to prohibit its people’s access to a commodity? Ask yourselves this and look at the history. The prohibition of alcohol was the beginning, but unless you take the establishment’s account of history verbatim, the Prohibition Era did not end in 1933.

Is there any one commodity that the federal government has been able to keep out of American hands? The use statistics for every schedule 1 drug in the United States for 16-year-old children will tell you; people (police officers, lawyers, judges, politicians, etc.) are bad at stopping capitalism. Wherever demand exists, supply will fill this demand; all prohibition does is add risk to the equation and thus the price of discretion is passed on to the buyer.

Now imagine a United States where guns are illegal for any public citizen to possess. What will happen to all the demand for firearms? I can tell anyone reading this with absolute certainty that banning guns for public sale will not make the demand for guns evaporate into thin air. This is not how reality works. I certainly wish there were a catch-all answer that would nerf the world, a world where bullets disintegrate when flying toward anyone under 18—this, however, is not the world we live in. The world we live in functions with scientific accuracy and can be cold at times.

It is devastating, the loss that was suffered in Connecticut; no reasoning being would dispute this. To disarm the nation for the sake of the children would be doing us all a disservice. Criminals inherently break the law; are we as Americans willing again to hand over an entire industry to criminals? Guns will still exist. There will be no shortage in supply, nor a curb of demand; restricting access to guns only restricts those who respect the law in the first place. The only gun owners who would cease to be are those gun owners we need in the first place: responsible gun owners. Don’t disarm a reasonable nation because a psychopath turned weapons on innocent children; don’t tell a man he can’t eat a steak because a child can’t chew it.

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