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Discard unused drugs responsibly

San Luis Obispo



I’ve spent an hour researching what to do with expired and unused prescription drugs. I recently moved here and have a few bottles of such drugs from my family and animals but have concerns about these substances ending up in creeks, the ocean, drinking water, and landfills. In the Bay Area, police departments will take drugs for disposal; no questions asked. I called the SLO police, the fire department, the sheriff’s office, and half a dozen pharmacies. No one knew what to do. I finally called Dana Nelson at Health Plus Pharmacy on Foothill
Boulevard, who said his store disposes of such unused drugs from anyone, without questions. They are poured into a special container and sent to a site where they are burned. In the “old days” we used to flush drugs down the toilet but we know better now. I don’t want to get a drink of water and end up taking my neighbor’s heart medicine.   
     I’ve also found another great resource in town. In the past I discarded countless tools and building supplies that I never used or couldn’t store. They end up in the landfill because Goodwill and other agencies can’t take them. However, Habitat for Humanity will take a lot of stuff to recycle, reuse, or sell in their store. There is a new store on High Street. Check out their website for items they take.

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