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Do not let Obama win again




After doing more damage to the country than even the Democrats could have imagined, Barack Obama has already begun his re-election campaign for 2012. With his new slogan, “Change That Matters,” he’s been meeting for weeks at campaign headquarters in Chicago to plan his strategy, which, since he has no accomplishments to run on, is to “probe the weaknesses and hypocrisies” of his opponents and ridicule, vilify, and destroy those who dare to challenge him.

Knowing that his standings have dropped drastically while Conservatives are gaining ground, Obama’s counting on the entitlement and benefits community of unions, Latinos, and blacks to raise the $1 billion he wants to spend for re-election. True to form, Barack’s campaign will be the most expensive in history.

Obama’s biggest obstacle, however, is not his radical associations, blatant racism, or obsession with social justice—it’s his attitude. People have seen that his arrogance, disregard for American values, and rap-star spending are exceeded only by his lies and ability to distort the facts, and as a result, they no longer trust him—his rhetoric, his ability to lead, or his motives.

After his war in Libya to “remove a madman from power,” Obama has finally adopted every one of George Bush’s policies and has done a hundred times more damage to America than anything he’s tried to blame on Bush by purposely creating economic and social chaos, diminishing America’s esteem around the world, and stealing our national well-being and peace of mind. Obama should not only be voted out, he should be tried for making war on his own country.

-- Larry Bargenquast - Paso Robles

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