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Do Prop 8 supporters value life?




All of the controversy over Proposition 8 has really made me think. Most people seem to have a very strong opinion about the subject of gay marriage, but I have a genuine question. I hope I do not offend anyone in assuming that most people who are against gay marriage are also pro-life. Of course, this is generally speaking, but in my experience, the two views are kind of a package deal. To me this seems a bit hypocritical.

My question is: How do you justify "valuing life," yet treat the living unfairly? It seems to me that, if you truly believed all life had value, sexual orientation wouldn't be a limiting factor. Does loving someone of the same gender suddenly negate a person's worth? I am sure there is an argument against this position, perhaps faith-based, and I would like to understand the view opposing my own. Please enlighten me.

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