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Don’t put up with bad mail service


My hope is that you can help the long-suffering folks of Los Osos with a problem other than the wastewater sewer. Our mail delivery service has been bad for some time and is getting worse. Plans and promises were made but never happen. Excuses are clever and varied, at times verging on stretching the truth.

I urge those of us who are not satisfied with the present deplorable situation (probably about 5,000 souls) to write Miss Stacia Crane, Consumer Affairs Officer, USPS, 28201 Franklin Parkway, Santa Clarita, CA, 91383. You can call her at (661) 775-6681 or fax (661) 775-7155.

This is truly a classic case where the mother (SLO) doesn’t want the baby (LO) and continues to abuse us. Or, worse yet, treat us as a Third World country. The internecine warfare between the two offices must be ended and soon. You won’t get any of our local people (who we know and love) in trouble by contacting Miss Crane. In fact, you will be doing them and yourselves a huge favor. Don’t delay — do it today.


Walter G. Wulff

Los Osos

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