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Don't blame our weak-kneed, so-called 'leaders'

San Luis Obispo



So, the late, great U.S. of A. endured months-long bloviating with a manufactured crisis revolving around “raising the debt ceiling”—a process so formulaic, so perfunctory, that it has been done more than 100 times in our nation’s history with no fanfare whatsoever. Even the idol and hater of government, Ronald Reagan, did it 18 times during his rental of the presidency.

But we are dictated to by loudmouthed, terrorist know-nothings, bombastic goons who think that doing nothing, or destroying the very institutions that make life civilized, is the path to solvency and progress.

They are simply awful, but perhaps even more disgusting is the mealy mouthed, pretender, phony “opposition.” Those political supplicants who shrivel at every turn. The equivocators who nauseate true American patriots.

These false “liberals” insist that these frankly evil and dull-witted extortionists be compromised with. We know who these jelly-spined cowards are now. At least we know more of them.

The reasons given for there being no alternative but to negotiating and bargaining with these intransigent bullies were that if they (the phony liberals) did not capitulate, the frail economy and markets would fall, if not outright collapse. On top of this, the credit rating of the USA would be lowered, thus causing more pain and hardship.

Isn’t it shocking—shocking!—that investment markets then fell 5 percent immediately into “correction” territory, wiping out $2.5 trillion off of global markets? Or that Standard & Poor’s stunningly still reduced the credit rating of the USA from AAA to AA+?


Of course, it is not our weak-kneed purported “leaders” who bear the blame, but ourselves. If we ignore the danger of Neutron Bomb Economics as exacted by the richest 1 percent (those who truly have no political ideology, no loyalty to any national ideal, except for the personal accumulation of wealth), then we deserve to be slaves.

As Gore Vidal observes, the United States is inexorably heading for national suicide because we are too stupid to survive in an evolutionary world.

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