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Don't coddle America's immature youth

Santa Maria



The recent flurry of student violence and behavior problems on the Cal Poly campus is troubling (“Spoilsports,” March 6). Maybe it’s time to start treating young adults as if they were adults. The underlying purpose of a college is to prepare a person for the real world, gainful employment, and an enhanced life experience. The real world is a tough task master. In a work setting, if an employee demonstrated raw violence toward a co-worker or a supervisor, his employment would be permanently terminated upon the first offense with no appeal.

Maybe a similar strategy should be practiced with the students at Cal Poly. Any violence and serious untoward behavior toward others would trigger an expulsion for 24 months without appeal. After that time, the offender could re-apply for admission, but he would be placed at the rear of the admission line. That would be a valuable experience. It also would be excellent training and a good preparation for the real world. The coddling of immature youth does a disservice to society, the school, the student body, and to citizenry of the state of California.

It was George Bernard Shaw who claimed, “Youth is wasted on the young.” He may have been right!

-- Steve Riehle - Santa Maria

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